SBI EVERSPIN Announces the Release of “Fake Finder for SBI Group,”
an AI-based Malicious App Detection App for Android OS
-Prevents from phishing attacks by detecting malicious apps by 24-hours scanning-

September 4, 2023
SBI Holdings Inc.

SBI EVERSPIN Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Jamyung Yoon; hereinafter “SBI EVERSPIN”), a consolidated subsidiary of SBI Holdings, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO: Yoshitaka Kitao), which provides an AI-based malicious app detection app “Fake Finder” exclusively for Android hereby announces that it will provide “Fake Finder for SBI Group” free of charge to customers using the services of SBI Group companies.

To commemorate the release, a free coupon code will be distributed for a limited time to anyone to obtain “Fake Finder for SBI Group.”

“Fake Finder for SBI Group” provided by SBI EVERSPIN is an anti-phishing solution with the same functionality as “Fake Finder,” a solution that detects malicious apps using an AI-based whitelist detection method (*1) and prevents phishing by malicious apps. The app protects customers’ smartphone usage environment more safely and securely by detecting even unknown malicious apps that could not be detected by the conventional blacklist method. It also enables more robust blocking of unauthorized apps and prevents unauthorized access by cyber criminals.

In the future, SBI EVERSPIN will not only contribute to improving the security of SBI Group customers’ smartphones through “Fake Finder for SBI Group” but will also work with the department in charge of big data within the CEO’s Office of SBI Holdings to analyze data and further improve the functions of the app, and actively promote the introduction of “Fake Finder” to financial institutions and business corporations to contribute towards prevention of financial crimes.

SBI EVERSPIN is committed to protecting its customers from the ever-evolving threat of hacking and other unauthorized access, and to realizing a secure society where customers can use the digital environment with confidence, by utilizing its expertise accumulated through continuous research on cutting-edge security technologies and many years of security vulnerability diagnostics. We are committed to creating a secure society where customers can use the digital environment with peace of mind.

(*1) About the whitelisting detection method used by “Fake Finder”

Other services
Blacklisting detection method Whitelisting detection method
The device is inspected based on a blacklist database that collects known malicious apps. The device is inspected based on a whitelist database that collects legitimate apps available in the official store.
Malware, malicious code, or other threats cannot be detected unless they are clearly known. Even unknown malicious apps can be detected.
Rouge apps that are already known can become undetectable with a slight change in form. Even a slight change from authentic apps can be detected.
(*2) “Fake Finder for SBI Group” is a solution that specializes in preventing phishing via malicious apps and does not prevent phishing via browsers such as fake websites.

“Fake Finder for SBI Group” (for Android OS users) can be downloaded from the link below
Fake Finder for SBI Group - Google Play App

Free coupon code for “Fake Finder for SBI Group” is as below.
(Free coupon code is valid from September 4 to October 31, 2023)

[“Fake Finder for SBI Group” planned to be introduced in the SBI Group Companies below (in no particular order)]
SBI SECURITIES, Wealth Advisor, SBI FX TRADE, SBI VC Trade, SBI Remit, SBI Insurance, SBI Sumishin Net Bank, SBI Shinsei Bank, Shinsei Financial, APLUS